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Start, Grow & Scale.


Your Business.

Your Life.

Your Passion.

Hi. I'm Jonathan Turpin.

I work with people to design and launch their micro-enterprise or small business (from home). 

As a certified business coach, accountant and entrepreneur, my experience is your asset.


Being self sufficient and in control of your income equals FREEDOM

Here's how to get started:

New? Start Here!

Business planning.

Proof of concept.

Testing the market and verifying the numbers - do enough people want want you're selling and will you make enough profit?

Already running?

Scale your business or improve profitability, systems and day to day running of the business.

Personality characteristics blocking your success

Do you self sabotage?

Do you feel fear or discouraged when you need to do important work, like sales calls or accounting?

Do you feel "not good enough, unworthy, unqualified"? 

These are beliefs that we can eliminate, to restore your freedom to take action. 

Need to set and achieve OUTrageous goals?

Knowing what you want and how to get there are essential in your success.

Work with me to step out of your comfort zone and THINK BIG. 

You can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Let's do this.

About Me.

Before success, I had a long history of failing to do well. But I kept studying and trying things until I broke through. Now I help others avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made.

I help you save time,  save money and show you the shortcuts to business and personal success.

Certified Business Coach
Certified Executive Coach
CEO and Owner of Evergreen Accounting South Africa
NLP Master practitioner, and much more.

I have worked with 200+ coaching clients and done over 1,000 sessions with business owners, best selling artists, authors, royalty, government misters, and even other business coaches.

They Say

Robert B.

CEO Infusion Biochemistry

" He's the real deal. Jonathan helped me become a business person. My beliefs got in the way of doing what I knew I had to do. I was afraid of calling, and procrastinated on many important tasks.  We smashed through those behaviours and now I'm in a very good place. His experience and care, and personal attention, and interest in me and my business made the difference. Really positive experience."

Monique C.

CEO Gifting Company

" Working with Jonathan on my business plan, from idea to execution, and then to grow into a sustainable system, was a wonderful experience. I quit my day  job, now I have my own business that makes the same as my salary - but without the traffic, office politics, and other hassles. "